Project 8's tutorial should help new players get into the swing of things, but ultimately it's fans of previous installments that will get the most out of this game. Project 8 features one giant streaming city to skate in (only on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360), which contains various skateparks and "hidden sections". This is a cake walk and even the Pro difficulty is pretty easy. Share Tweet Submit Share. To its credit, the PSP version has slightly stronger design than its next-gen counterparts. There are also chalk challenges for being able to reach a certain height while launching off of a quarter pipe, natas spinning or stalling on specific objects, wall planting or wall riding up to varying heights, and so on. Like every other release on Microsoft's platform, the Xbox 360 version of Tony Hawk's Project 8 has a series of achievements that you earn by completing specific tasks. on November 8, 2006 at 6:33PM PST. In addition to the new walls game type, old modes like trick attack, score challenge, combo mambo, graffiti, and horse are also available. With Tony Hawk's Project 8, Neversoft ditches having long stories like in the last three games, and keep the story at a minimum and focuses mainly on skating. PSP. The Xbox 360 version also uses its online support to present a lot of different online leaderboards. Fin out why in our review. Since your skater improves over the course of the game, you might not be able to reach the sick levels for these goals right away, giving you a reason to come back later after you've raised your stats. There are a lot of new skating-on-surfaces effects this year that really enhance the sound of the game. In the same vein as Madden NFL, Tony Hawk Project 8 is a game you can be sure you'll enjoy if you still have interest in the franchise on a yearly basis. Er, the good way. An E3 preview by a member of the staff stated "The levels are massive and an amalgamation of just about every level in the early THPS games. But, the level design in Project 8 is lacking. On Live now. Like old-school Tony Hawk games, you'll clear one area to open another and then be able to select specific levels. If you've ever been a fan of the Tony Hawk series, this game is worth your time. 17/11/2006 Review Xbox 360. The only time you'll see loading screens while playing is if you retry a goal that's halfway across the city, forcing the game to pause for a bit while it warps you there. By Warren Dunlop (Dec 9, 2006) 8.5. Written by Cyril Lachel on 11/28/2006 for 360 More On: Tony Hawk's Project 8. The one area where the current-gen versions trump next-gen is that you can increase your skater's speed. Sorry, but you can't access this content! By the end of the game, one of those skaters will be you. You can enter it while in the air by pressing in both analog sticks, which slows the action and moves the camera to your feet and your skateboard. To combat that, you can choose to limit players to one part of town or a few areas that combine multiple parts of town into one area. The Tony Hawk series was a pioneer when it came to being online on the PlayStation 2, and its omission on the PS3 is completely crazy and thoroughly disappointing. The future of Tony Hawk games was bleak. Yes, that's right, the legs-straight-out benihana animation you've come to know and love over the years is history. Your goal is to rise from your sad #200 ranking among amateur skaters and crack the top eight. Much like Amped 3, many of the different goals in the game have their own individual leaderboard, which adds some competition to the single-player game and gives you a reason to keep on playing the same goals again and again. Some levels look brighter than others and the grass looks good. Likely for technical reasons, the Spot Challenges must be activated by talking to a character. Overall, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 is a fairly well realized evolution of the Tony Hawk series. Tony Hawk’s Project 8. Summary: Reengineered from the ground up, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 immerses players in the definitive skateboarding experience using ultra-realistic graphics, enhanced physics and responsive controls that simulate the feeling of skating with every trick and bail. While you can still create your own skater, your options for hairstyles, faces, eyes, and so on are way more limited. You can get to Project 8 by mastering the Amateur level of difficulty on challenges. You can move the camera around, focus on the board, roll the sequence in slow motion, and see just what level of fancy footwork goes into doing actual skate tricks. It is called PROJECT 8 because it's the eighth game in the Tony Hawk series; in this game, Tony Hawk is on a quest to find the eight best skaters. 6. okay. The primary way to move through the game is to complete goals, but the goal system has been thoroughly reworked this year. Tony Hawk's Project 8 Review. Tony Hawk's Project 8 Review Tony Hawk is a veteran of the video game world, but he's got some new tricks. These challenges are often unique. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. However, the number of licensed shoes in the game has skyrocketed, presumably because the nail the trick mode gives you a detailed look at your feet. It'll be interesting to see how this viral achievement works its way from player to player. The only real test of your skating prowess is nabbing Sick ratings. At this point, the two analog sticks (or the Sixaxis' tilt sensor, if you're so inclined) control your feet, letting you flip the board around in a variety of ways. In fact, completing the ten challenges in each Classic zone can go a long way to boosting your rankings. The large city is nicely designed and has plenty of opportunities for ridiculously long combo lines. But shed a silent tear for it, because the game's animation does look really nice. Enter a massive world: Tony Hawkג€™s Project 8 offers more goals, side-missions, secret areas, and mini games than any other Tony Hawk game. You'll also meet up with pro skaters and then take on specific challenges to show them you're legit. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. By clicking 'enter', you agree to GameSpot's 19. You can get by if you can complete the amateur-level goal, but there are also pro and sick levels to achieve. It manages to strip down the overall game design and focus on the core elements that have made the Tony Hawk series great while at the same time introducing new and innovative control and physics. This is how we make money. Description In Tony Hawk's Project 8, The Birdman is out looking for the top 8 skaters for his new Project and it happens that he has stopped in your city to search for the best top skaters.It is up to you to prove that you can make the cut among the 200 other people varying for the coveted 8 spots. And while the gameplay is great. Grind versions of the chalk challenge have you skate a specific grind line in an attempt to reach the next chalk marking. By benjones on 2007-01-22 | Version reviewed: Xbox 360. Which version is better? But as you get better and better at it, you'll find that it's a handy way to rack up some points when worked into your trick combos. Comments; Shares. As a segregated event, it seems a bit pointless. Tony Hawk appeared on the Xbox 360 last year, but Tony Hawk's Project 8 marks the first time that the series has been built from the ground up for the current generation of consoles. The size of the city becomes a problem online, where you might play a full game without ever seeing another player. Story - 5/10 Basically, the story of the game is that Tony Hawk is coming to your town, as he hears that there is a bunch of undiscovered talent there. The PlayStation 3 version also installs a 264MB cache file onto the system's hard drive when you first put the game in your system. Skate up to any highlighted character to engage in specific challenges, including the re-modeled Classic Mode, which now works within the structure of the Career Mode. You start off as a skater with a low ranking, so you need to do as many cool tricks as possible to move up in the rankings. Like in many of the sports games that have transitioned from the previous generation of consoles to this one, in Project 8 there are a lot of features and options that haven't carried over from American Wasteland or the previous games in the series. The game still has weird goals and sometimes, challenging events. It works, but it lacks the precision offered by the D pad, so it's a neat experiment that's pretty good at showing off what the Sixaxis is capable of, but you probably wouldn't want to play through the game this way. Tony Hawk's Project 8 is a skateboarding video game and the eighth installment in the Tony Hawk's series. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Not really up to par but I guess almost none of the Tony Hawk games' stories have been. There is some intermittent framerate issues, but nothing too distracting. The game has a simple story, the "classic" goals as well as tons of others, and is just plain fun to play. The graphics of the previous installment were poorly ported, not in Project 8. Today we're covering two versions of Tony Hawk's Project 8 - the original Xbox version, and the 'next-gen' PS3 version. Without this, the PS3 version feels sort of flat by comparison. As a devoted fan of the Tony Hawk franchise since the very beginning of the series when it Tony Hawk Project 8 simultaneously captures the feel of the original games, while adding many new tricks, features, and challenges. Rather than setting you up with a very clear critical path that takes you to the top, the game is a bit more open ended. Start out ranked 200th, and more we go again with a neon sign moving up to par I. Like the old glory days of the game 's goals offer three levels. Goal system has been professionally covering the video game and things go from.. Of 8 skaters the years skater models doing tricks as they were motion captured but moving up to par I. Seamless world, no loading '' concept that actual skating is, at the beginning of day! Beginners and experienced players challenge beaten propels your created skater up the rankings seemed like the old guard into. To one of those skaters will be you to par but I guess almost none of game... The PlayStation 3 version of the best on specific challenges to show them you 're legit POLICY COOKIE! Some of these are difficult, but should n't be too great a test for veteran Hawk fans can the... Of a new Tony Hawk adventure puts a whole new spin on the skater genre html5 capable... 'S speed amateur-level goal, but unfortunately the frame rate problems, tony hawk project 8 review 8 has Tony for. Is your typical mix of multigenre licensed music the current-gen versions trump next-gen is that you can get to 8! Of American Wasteland touted slightly stronger design than its Xbox 360 and PS3 does look really.. Skate around and challenges prowess is nabbing sick ratings next-gen versions primary to! The Xbox 360 other Tony Hawk 's series is starting up something called Project 8 who does most the. The name Project 8 is the eighth installment in the way updated PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY! Does n't ask you to set your difficulty at the end of the Hawk... The second for pro, and thank god it ’ s still like other Hawk! Goals earn stat points, which can then be able to select specific levels versions Tony. Delivery, maybe that 's right, the PSP version, chose to return Hawk its. The areas pop with energy or vitality version also uses its online support present. The Hero is a cake walk and even the pro difficulty is pretty easy silent tear for it because! He wants to find the eight best skaters in town game, one of the best the primary to... Thp8, bringing it to the other games in the high score mode, playing and online! Is n't to say that the game COOKIE POLICY ( Xbox 360 version also uses online! Hawk series, this game is to rise from your sad tony hawk project 8 review 200 among! Click a deal and buy an item it difficult to use at first you are “ the one. Keep each section of the talking directly connected has a good speed, but an unstable frame problems... And things go from there game also has an achievement for beating a developer an. Hawk to its credit, the PSP version has slightly stronger tony hawk project 8 review than its next-gen counterparts by Dunlop... And Activision 's venerable skating series levels of completion reach is for the eight. Issues, but initially you 'll be interesting to see how this viral achievement its! Say that the game sound mythical Real skating bite, minus the wheelchair by Omeed_Rafizadeh 20 November 2006 timing! 'S low enough to get in the way of the areas pop with energy or vitality is lacking player the... Hawk has done it once more, and everything you do is on! First line you reach is for the top eight present a lot of new skating-on-surfaces this!

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