For females, the gap between the area with the lowest life expectancy (Manchester, at 79.5 years) and the area with the highest (Camden, at 86.5 years) is 7 years. There are also interactions between the factors. Table 1 provides some examples of health impacts relating to a range of wider determinants. Victoria Borwick, Assembly Member and Deputy Mayor . //--> Create New Account. Health inequalities in London. Anna Charles spoke to Professor Kevin Fenton about the review's findings, his career journey, and hopes for health and wellbeing in … In this conversation. //--> [CDATA[> Access to the full range of services that can have an impact on health includes access to preventive interventions and social services, as well as primary and secondary health care. Delivering health and care for people who sleep rough: People who sleep rough have some of the worst health outcomes in England. Interactions between the factors driving health inequalities Our health is shaped by a complex interaction between many factors. See more of The King's Fund on Facebook. I accessed this article to look for some hard evidence of the inequality that I see in my work and was very surprised there was no specific mention of the well known and evidenced inequalities in health and health service provision encountered in this area. People in the United Kingdom who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT), for example, experience higher rates of poor mental health, including depression, anxiety and self-harm, than those who do not identify as LGBT.